Our Annual SFAA NIGHT at Fremont Peak Observatory

coming soon: August 17-18 2012

Renaud at the eyepiece of the 30" Challenger
 courtesy of Art Rosch

Previous years photos: 05  06  07  08  09

For the past few years the FPOA has graciously granted us use of their incredible 30 inch telescope for a Friday.
In exchange, we do a public program the following day and night as a thank you.
We have reserved the Observatory Friday, August 17th evening for an exclusive private gathering of members from the SFAA. 

Wanna come?  It's open to all current dues paying members of SFAA. If so, please email  Adrian, all the following information: your license plate #, type and color of your car, if you are Friday Only in attendance and if you're bringing a scope the type and size like you do for Yosemite.

The Fremont Peak Observatory features a fine 30-inch f/4.8 Newtonian telescope built by Kevin Medlock of the Eastbay Astronomical Society. The telescope is mounted on an English cross-axis equatorial system. There are also 6 powered observing pads outside the observatory, where visiting astronomers
(like SFAAer Richard Crisp) can set up to observe in Fremont Peak's dark skies.
From March through October, Fremont Peak Observatory conducts programs for the public at least three Saturday evenings a month, excluding the Saturday closest to full moon.

Fremont Peak State Park is about 100 miles south of San Francisco, and eleven miles south east of the town of San Juan Bautista. The park features camping facilities which are available either by reservation or first come first served basis. Please be sure and pay the day or or if camping the overnight fee in the green box by the public phone.
At the bottom of the hill in San Juan Bautista is the San Juan Inn for those who would like more civilized overnight amenities.

Doug Brown, former President of FPOA, noted that Fremont Peak has long been popular as a nearby dark sky observing and astrophotography site with a excellent southern horizons,
and is even mentioned as a stopping place on page 50 of the May-June 2005 issue of AAA's Via Magazine! 

Dave Goggin has a list of deep dark obscure objects to observe for those hard core observers from Jones 1 to Hickson 8.

Dr. Doris Sloan, an FPOA member wrote an article in Bay Nature Magazine about Fremont Peak.  Coincidentally the April-June 08 article is embellished with our own Michael Kran's photos as well!

For SFAA members wanting to enjoy this gorgeous telescope on their own, practically whenever they choose (with a few exceptions), why not  join FPOA? Benefits of membership and more once you download an application form

Also, if you'd like to participate in a great social activity  with the FPOA folks as well as other SF Bay Area Clubs, the very next day they are having their annual star-studded Star B Q in conjunction with the AANC on  Saturday, August 18, 2012. 
However, please do let Rick Morales know if you're interested in coming & RSVP before the 14th if possible. The  Fremont Peak Star B Q is always fun and sure to please.
They are the originators of the fantastic gasto-astro event. So come with your best thought and tasty side dish for the judges!

For more information about Fremont Peak Observatory, including excellent directions to Fremont Peak State Park and the Observatory, visit their web site at http://www.fpoa.net

Looking forward to seeing you again this year,

Adrian & Ken

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