peter-congrats_from-vicPeter Yee became interested in practical astronomy when his uncle showed him  the sun through a Dobsonian solar telescope he had built.  Wanting to be able to see the universe for himself,  at the age of 10, Peter along with his parents took John Dobson's class at the Lawrence Hall of Science and completed an 8" Dobsonian that has given him many nights of enjoyment through the years.  The only problem with the telescope is it's size, so he was thrilled to win the refractor at the AANC-CON.
Peter also took John's introductory astronomy class the following year at the Albany Adult School.  Peter's current work is a project manager
at RSA Security in San Mateo and was previously an engineer at  NASA Ames Research Center.
The Stellarvue Nighthawk is living up to it's name where just last weekend he observed in Eastern Nevada.
"It was a real pleasure for me to attend and I look forward to being more involved in astronomy once again.
I'm joining SFAA and SJAA, living as I do between the two."

milvia-wo40mmswanIn 1998 Milvia Ossoinak was visiting the old Griffith Observatory with a
friend during one of her many world wide sojurnes.
As a memory souviner gift to herself she bought a little blue book.  It
just happened to be the Peterson Field Guide to the Stars and Planets.
Two years later after many trips she opened a suitcase that had been in
storage and thought it might be a good read
for bedtime.  What Milvia found out, that contrary to thinking it would
put her to sleep, she set her alarm depending on what was up!  Well,
from that point on she was hooked. Mastering many languages and arts
including music, she became fascinated with the idea of making her own telescope.
She signed up for John Dobson's class at Dominican College 8 years ago but they were already 6 weeks into the class.  Not giving up,she enlisted John to help her finish her mirror.  Milvia found it an amazing experience making something so useful with her own hands under John's tutelage.  She was truly amazed to win the wonderful 2" William Optics Swan 40mm eyepiece.  It will get lots of public astronomy use.  Thank you.

danny-maximdlDanny Christain became interested in Astronomy when he was eight years old while  watching the Disneyland show on the future.  Everything about space fascinated me.  I started going to SFAA meeting in 1995.  Danny volunteered at the Astronomical Society of the Pacific for 1 1/2 years, working for the Astronomer George Musser. Danny has been working with Project Astro for the 5th and 6th grades for the last eight years.  He is currently volunteering at three grammer schools, where he holds four to 12 classes each and give the kids an astronomy party at the end of the year.  
Danny was amazed to receive Maxim DL as a gift from the kind folks at Apogee Instruments.

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