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1st Prize:

stellarvue-nighthawk-otaThe StellarVue Nighthawk telescope is an 80 mm f-6 optical system using their own proprietary Stellarvue doublet achromatic lens. The telescope has thick aluminum tubing, a smooth and stable, aluminum 2" focuser with 1.25" adapter and focus lock. The machined all aluminum lens cells employs four cushioned screws for each lens element to help protect the lens against misalignment if mishandled. A main tube light baffle and threaded interior on the focuser tube, ultra flat black on all interior surfaces, black edging on all optical surfaces, and beautiful full multi-coatings ensure the sharpest, high contrast viewing.   This is a beautifully built system fitting of the title "king of the short tubes." Each telescope is assembled at their Auburn, California facility and personally star tested by Vic Maris.

2nd Prize:

william-optic_40mm-eyepieceThe William Optics Swan 2 inch 40mm eyepiece is a fully multicoated advanced design for breathtaking 70° F.O.V. jaw-dropping views. Works with any telescope equipped with a 2-inch eyepiece focuser.

3rd Prize:

lumicon-filtersLumicon is graciously providing 3 gift certificates,
courtesy of Maurice Sweiss and Sam Sweiss.

4th Prize:

maxim-dl-ccd_coverApogee Instruments INC
was kind enough to donate a copy of  MAXIM DL/CCD software.
Just the thing to control your scope.  
MaxIm DL is the fastest and easiest way to image the night sky.
Whether you want to produce stunning portraits, collect science data
or hunt for new objects.

More fine prizes:

You must be present to receive a prize.
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